America’s Best Dentists 2018

Couldn’t be more excited to share such a great achievement! Dr. Nantz was selected by The National Consumer Advisory Board for the 2018 America’s Best Dentist Award. This prestigious award is carefully thought out by the NCAB which is a private research organization dedicated to providing consumers information about the finest professionals across the nation. Selections are based on a proprietary assessment of a dentists experience training, continuing education, and commitment to excellence.                                                               




Veterans Day 2017

Our 8th annual Veterans Day Event was a huge success. Dr. Nantz and her staff, as well as a handful of volunteers, were able to treat over 30 veterans. What an awesome day! Being able to give back to the men and women that served our country was very rewarding and humbling. Dr. Nantz provided a wide range of services from cleanings to extractions and crowns. A big thank you to local businesses and our vendors for their generous donations which helped make this event a great success. Plans for next year are already under way!

8th annual Veterans Day event


Veteran’s Day is right around the corner which means our annual “Leave No Vet Behind” event is fast approaching. The event will take place on Thursday, November 9, 2017.  We are looking forward to providing much needed dental services to veterans free of charge. All of our staff are very excited to be able to participate and serve all the men and women that have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Give us a call to get scheduled! You don’t want to miss out.

Office Voted Top 20 Dentistry Office in Dayton

Top Dentists in Dayton

Dr. Vannah E. Nantz, DDS has been awarded as one of the top Dayton Dentists.
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We are proud to announce that our patients voted us one of the top 20 Dentistry offices in Dayton! Our office takes pride in the fact we provide the kind of treatment that makes people feel they are receiving the best care, from the best dentist.

We would like to thank everyone who voted and/or completed an on-line review regarding your experience at our office.  Our team promises to continue to strive for perfection and stay dedicated to administering the highest quality care possible.  We greatly appreciate the votes of confidence and support and are ecstatic to be recognized as a top dentist in the field.

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

The American Cancer Association reports a 30% increase in the incidence of oral cancer in the past 5 years due to HPV, Human Papilloma Virus. New recommendations are that every patient 16 and over should have a VELscope screening. What is VELscope? VELscope uses a specific type of fluorescent light which fluoresces healthy tissue differently than unhealthy tissue. Tissue which is diseased  has a different vascularity (blood flow) and will show dark under the scope. This technology provides an additional screening tool to detect oral cancers which would have traditionally gone unnoticed with just the use of the naked eye.  The best chance for successful treatment is early detection.  Take a look at the link below for more information.



2015 Business Appreciation Breakfast

On Wednesday March 18,2015  Centerville Mayor Mark Kingseed hosted the 18th annual Business Appreciation Breakfast held at  The Golf Club at Yankee Trace.  The event provides an opportunity for local business owners and managers to network and socialize with other business people, elected officials and City staff members.  Businesses are invited to attend to learn about developments in the business community and includes an economic development overview of our community by city leaders.  Dr. Nantz and staff attended this year’s event and had the opportunity to find out the most up to date information on city road projects, utility upgrades, real estate development and parks and recreation schedules.  As a business owner of over 25 years in the City of Centerville Dr. Nantz takes a vested interest in the growth and development of our fine city.


5th Annual “Leave No Vet Behind” Event

Our fifth annual “Leave No Vet Behind” event was another great success. What a truly amazing day! On Thursday November 6,2014 Dr. Nantz, her staff and a couple of terrific volunteers were able to provide much needed dental services to 38 very deserving veterans. Depending upon their need patients received cleanings, exams, x-rays, fluoride treatments, oral cancer screenings, basic extractions and fillings. Their stories are touching and their experiences are varied. The one common thread holding them all together is their devotion to their country and pride in their service. What an honor to care for these men and women who have given so much to all of us.

5th annual Veteran’s Day event to take place on November 6

Veteran’s Day is right around the corner which means our annual “Leave No Vet Behind” event is fast approaching. As you can see the staff is excited and already feeling the spirit of the day to come which will take place on Thursday November 6, 2014. There is a great deal of planning that goes into this annual event which provides much needed dental services to very deserving veterans free of charge. All of our staff has such an appreciation for the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for us all. There are still a limited amount of open appointments available.


Fight Brest Cancer with Good Oral Health

October is breast cancer awareness month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.  While most people are aware of breast cancer, many do not realize that prevention and early detection is the key to winning the battle against the illness that has claimed far too many lives.  Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death of women in the United States and affects one in eight women over the course of a lifetime.

Healthcare professionals have several recommendations in the breast cancer fight.   And although one extremely important suggestion is very simple, it’s not very well known.   The prescription:  regularly see a dentist.

It has been well publicized that there is a growing link between oral health and overall health.  Bacteria that lives in your mouth contain strains that cause periodontal disease, which has been correlated with many medical conditions including diabetes, heart attacks, pregnancy complications, Alzheimer’s disease, and breast cancer!

Inflammation is the bridge connecting poor oral health to many chronic health conditions.  When bacteria gathers in your gums, causing periodontal disease or cavities in the bone of your tooth, infection begins and can spread throughout the body.  Studies have shown that you may be 11 times more likely to develop breast cancer if you have poor oral health or gum disease and has found that individuals with chronic periodontal disease had a higher occurrence of breast cancer.

Regular dental appointments and good oral health not only helps fight against breast cancer, it also may aid in diagnosing the deadly cancer at earlier stages.  Researchers have found that the protein levels in saliva have shown potential to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of breast cancer.  Dentists would be the perfect choice of healthcare professionals to take periodic saliva samples during regularly scheduled visits.  Dentists are often the first line of defense against many diseases.  They can tell by the changes in the mouth if any other disorder is taking place.

To help in the fight against breast cancer and other serious medical conditions, make sure to see your dentist on a regular basis for cleanings and periodontal screenings! Remember, healthy mouth means healthy body!

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