General and Preventive Dentistry from Angy Mounir-Toufils DMD

Keeping Centerville’s Smiles in Ideal Shape!

Preventive DentistryYour health is important to us. That’s why we encourage every patient to take advantage of preventive dentistry to keep his or her smile in its best shape possible.

It’s what nature intended.

Preventive dentistry from Dr. Angy Mounir-Toufils DMD includes:

  • Professional Dental Cleaning and Polishing for a healthy, beautiful smile
  • Digital X-rays providing the safest and lowest level of radiation
  • Oral Examination with intra-oral cameras & digital photography
  • Oral Cancer Screenings to be proactive in finding suspicious spots for earlier diagnosis
  • Periodontal Therapy for healthy gums
  • Fluoride Treatment to build strong enamel
  • Breath Treatment for the elimination of halitosis
  • Review of medical history and factors affecting your whole body health

Our regular exams and cleanings allow us stay on top of your oral health and catch tiny problems before they become major ones. We believe in being proactive instead of waiting for teeth to break or hurt – when we catch and repair problems early, more natural tooth structure is preserved, and major repairs and root canals can be avoided. Over 90% of dental problems go undetected or unnoticed without routine, professional examinations.

More importantly, regular exams and cleanings can protect your whole body health. That’s right! Studies show that gum health is directly linked to the health of your body and that periodontal disease can lead to everything from heart attacks and strokes to certain kinds of cancers and complications with diabetes. It has also been linked to dementia, Alzheimer’s and dry mouth.

Let us help you keep your teeth for your lifetime.