Smile Gallery

  • Gail AfterGail Before“My teeth looked worn down and were full of dark fillings. They just didn’t look white and I didn’t like to show my teeth when I smiled. I wanted a dentist who could help me with my dental phobias – someone who could help me get through my procedures with minimal anxiety, so when I heard about Dr. Vannah Nantz from a friend, I thought I might have found the answer. We started by getting all of my teeth healthy – fixing the old fillings and broken tooth. Then she placed beautiful white fillings and porcelain veneers to restore my smile. My smile is wonderful now and I couldn’t be happier.”


  • Margaret After Margaret Before

    “I wanted porcelain veneers to make my teeth whiter,brighter, and straighter without having braces. I love my smile and my porcelain veneers.”


  • James afterJames before“I had discolored teeth and large spaces in between them that braces could not correct. I had decided to have porcelain veneers to correct the problem. Dr. Nantz and her staff were wonderful, they answered any questions or concerns I had. I’m extremely happy with how the veneers turned out. I would recommend Dr. Nantz for this procedure.”


  • Mary AfterMary Before“I was so embarrassed and ashamed of my teeth, that I would not let anyone take my picture with my son at his graduation. Now that I have new teeth and a gorgeous smile I am making him put on his cap and gown and take a picture with me smiling from ear to ear. Thank you Dr. Nantz and all your wonderful staff.”


  • Bonnie AfterBonnie Before“Prior to coming to Dr. Nantz, my front tooth was very dark (the result of a root canal approximately 20 years ago) and a little shorter than the other front tooth. I also had several teeth that were not exactly in line with my other teeth. After completing treatment with Invisalign and bonding on my front tooth, the difference is amazing. I am actually getting compliments on my teeth. Dr. Nantz and her team are terrific. Thank you for a beautiful smile.”